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New Here?

Are you new to Pathfinder Society?

Or are you new to the site?




New to Pathfinder Society

Here are several important links that you will want:


Official Pathfinder Society page at has lots of information, but can sometimes be difficult to navigate.


Additional Resource page tells everything that is legal/banned. Some of the bigger books they might say it is legal unless otherwise mentioned, so you'll want to pay close attention to the language used with each entry. NOTE: This is usually updated towards the end of every month, so be aware that things may change.


Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play this is the most important document to read for PFS. It is basically all of the campaign's "House Rules". It contains character creation rules, as well as what is different from the core rules. NOTE: It does not contain the specific list of legal/banned things, that's what the Additional Resources is for, so make sure to check both if you are using something that is not from the Core Rulebook.


One last thing, you might see people with titles and wonder, "What's a Venture-Captain/Lieutenant/Sergeant"? Pathfinder Society is an international organized campaign. While Paizo is great about supporting their players, they can't send employees all over the globe all the time to help out when needed. So to help with that they started the Venture-Officer program.

The Pathfinder Society Campaign has several layers of leadership.

At the top is Mike Brock, he is the Campaign Coordinator, and basically the campaign's Game Master. If there is any questions about legality that are brought up, he tries to answer them if they aren't already answered officially elsewhere. Working with him and with most of the power Mike has are Mark Moreland and John Compton, they are Developers at Paizo and work on creating the scenarios and books that we use.  Those three are paid employees of Paizo, but below them are the Venture-Officers, which are Regional Coordinators for their areas.

Venture-Captains cover large areas, usually a state or a large portion of a state. They are Society members that volunteer their time to help spread and organize Pathfinder Society games in their area. In Michigan we have two Venture-Captains: Eastern Michigan is covered by Mason Whitlark, while Western Michigan is covered by Daniel Luckett.

Below these Venture-Captains are Venture-Lieutenants. They usually organize smaller areas in the region of the Venture-Captains. These smaller areas usually encompass a large city or several smaller cities/counties. Currently Dan has two Venture-Lieutenants operating under his leadership: Mid-Michigan is covered by Eric Clingenpeel and Grand Rapids is covered by Kelvin Frizzell.

On our site you'll see the title Venture-Sergeant. This is an unofficial title granted by our Venture-Captains to those that help them organize games in their area and do a lot to help spread PFS, but are in a place that won't support a full Venture-Lieutenant.


If you have any questions, whether it is something in the documents you don't quite understand, or any other questions, please feel free to ask in our forums. The only stupid question is the one not asked.


New to the site


We host sign-ups for many games all over the state here. Mission Sign-Ups is divided by regions (Central, Eastern, Northern, and Western Michigan). We also have a section for those that like to cross the boarder to Indiana in the Michigana. These are where the normal game days are advertised and a place where you can sign up for most of them.  Also in that section is Regional Conventions, which is where you'll find information on any convention that will be running PFS, that is held within Michigan or within easy driving from Michigan.


The Mission Sign-Ups are part of our larger Member's Forums. We use the forums to get to know one another better, post rules/world discussions, and we even have a section for posting in-character stories.


In order to post in the forums, you do need to register for an account. Now, when you register you might wonder why we require you use your real first name. I know many like their anonymity, but we're hoping to meet you face-to-face here and game with you, it'd be nice to know what your real name is. Also, like any forum site we get spam-bots a lot, and this gives us a layer of protection to be able to quickly see who is or isn't real. So don't be afraid of us, we don't bite (though the Venture-Captains might, you have to watch out for them.)

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