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U-Con Special Thanks!

I’ve mostly recovered from U-Con sleep deprivation and stress and going through the end session reports. Attempting to analyze what went right and what went wrong to see what to do for next year. Since that’s my current status, I thought I’d take a moment to thank everyone. This would not have been possible if my players didn’t show up to play, and my GM’s didn’t offer to GM. Thank you, all of you. There were a lot of people to thank for different things (random chicken nuggets, running a con survey to the front desk, or even helping new players build characters) so I will stick to the big ones in my eyes. 

I wanted to give special thanks to the following:


Wes Nicholson: 

Your wellspring of experience, advice, and friendship was a great benefit to everyone you encountered at U-Con. I enjoyed every moment of your company, and I look forward to our next con. Your advice about premastering didn’t click in my head what you were saying until the next day while I was getting ready for work. :P Also, your Tim Tam’s were loved by everyone, and they are great bait for potential new players. 


Thea Peters: 

You continue to live up to all expectations! You’re fun, bouncy, energetic (except the morning after you’ve had “Dan’s special Juice”), and a great GM. You were able to help me make sure players got where they needed to be, and put on a great show for them all. Thank you for volunteering to run extra tables. It made getting players into seats easier when we had overflow, or extra demand for specific scenarios. I am going to seriously try to make it to Gamicon for you. 


Mason & Eric: 

You guys helped in so many ways, it would take all day to list them out. You helped provide extra prize support, helped setup, helped with various tasks, helped herd the cats, and so on. I could not have asked for a better VO support team.  Oh, and Eric, that Runecarved Key was awesome. There is talk of casting it into actual metal using yours as a mold. 


Scott Werner, Tracy Laurie, and Corinne Lenz:

You three, at various times helped with all the organizational tasks that I had the hardest time of getting around to, but were necessary tasks. You were in so many ways were what kept my head from spinning round & round. Thank you so much. I did enjoy staying sane. :)


Steve Witte:

I couldn't have asked for a better thug to drag me out of the auction or assassin to steal the key during the special. I swear some of the players were seriously about to jump you when you made off with the key. So you’re forgiven for running the Runecarved Key into a door while making your get away. Your life was in danger after all. LOL


Matt Haddix, Jim Tinklenberg, Kelvin Frizzell:

Amongst those above, you guys stepped up to run extra scenarios for others at the expense of your own time as players. I believe I speak for them all when I say thank you for stepping up and above.


John Reyst (D20PFSRD.COM):

Thank you for the extra prizes to give out to our players and GMs. They were greatly appreciated and I saw many more faces walk away excited to have a new book than we would have had without you. I hope to see you at M-Dog in February.


-Dan Luckett, West Michigan Venture Captain