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Eastern Michigan Gains a New VC - Mason Whitlark

I finally went and did it, I became the VC of East Michigan. The area has been without a VC since Doug stepped down almost a year ago. While the area has managed to go on, it has suffered a bit from the lack of a single directing official. I feel the area seemed to stagnate and shrink a little in those months, so my main area of focus for the next few months will be growth as well as the great upcoming cons that we have.
I want to increase the number of FLGS running PFS with my main focus being the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area. The stores out there, Fun 4 All and Get Your Game On, I know have they space and accommodation to run but I need people who can consistently run for them. I am not looking to have weekly games on the scale of Warriors but at least something monthly where we can start to introduce new players to society and perhaps direct them to other places in the area they can play. This is also one of the areas I am looking to appoint a VL. If you feel you have the time and ability to do this let me know. I also want to try and run a monthly game at Pandemonium in Garden City that will essentially run bi-weekly with the Sunday RIW game. I also would like to try and have consistent events run up in the Fenton/Flint area at BC Comix and Gamers Sanctuary. I of course cant do this alone and will require the help of all the great people from the area to make these things happen.
On that I hit my 2nd topic on growth, GMs. Our area has in the past few weeks seen an influx of players. This is a great thing as the game is nothing without them but causes some issues when it comes time to have events. We end up with far more players then we have GMs for and not enough people are stepping up to fill that role behind the screen. I know GMing can seem somewhat intimidating but trust me with a base understanding of the rules and a little bit of prep anyone can handle running through a scenario. I wont argue that some of the higher end ones have a lot more involved combats and use a myriad of spells you may not be used to but there are a number resources available between me, your fellow players, the Paizo boards, and other online resources such as the PFSRD that can help you to better understand the elements at play in the scenario. I also understand it seems unrewarding but do know you can get that 1 GM chronicle to use and I am also working on getting GMs who run for me some form of compensation, in fact those running for me at Barbecon will be receiving a small token of appreciation. I have no hard set reward tier so to say but do know that if you are running scenarios for me when requested it is noted.
Of course part of bolstering the GM and playerbase will require appointing individuals who exemplify themselves to the position of VL. The 2 main areas I am looking to appoint a VL to are the Fenton/Flint area and Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti. I am looking for people who know the rules for both pathfinder itself and PFS, who can represent the game as well as east Michigan, and have a real drive for furthering the growth of PFS.