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Paizo Welcomes New Organized Play Coordinator Tonya Woldridge!

From the Paizo Forums:

After a lengthy search in which I had a chance to discuss Pathfinder Society in depth with more than 25 dedicated volunteers, I'm happy to announce that we have a new Organized Play Coordinator, Tonya Woldridge!

Tonya's first day at Paizo is today, and I expect she will come along with her own hellos very shortly.

Tonya has distinguished herself with a record of exemplary service to the Pathfinder Society program, from her time as Venture-Captain of Ontario to her service as VL of the UK, to her time in the trenches as a 5-Star Game Master. Tonya was also the Gen Con HQ Co-Lead this year, giving her excellent insight into the largest RPG organized play event in history.

In a field of extremely impressive candidates, Tonya distinguished herself with tons of excellent ideas about how to move the campaign forward. I was also impressed by her grasp of the campaign's scope and history, and her enthusiasm to make Pathfinder Society bigger and better than it has ever been.

I'm thrilled to appoint Tonya as Paizo's Organized Play Coordinator. The campaign has a great future ahead of it, and I know you all will appreciate Tonya's demeanor and attention to detail as we all work together to move things forward in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.

Please join me in welcoming and congratulating Tonya Woldridge on her new position.

Amazing things are in store!

Erik Mona - Paizo Publisher, Chief Creative Officer