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Promotion of Mid-Michigan Venture-Lieutenants

I knew there was somewhere I was forgetting to post this... :)


I'm pleased to announce the promotion of three Venture-Lieutenants covering the Mid-Michigan area.

Robert Crawley - Robert has always stood out in my memory since I first met him. He makes interesting characters, roleplays them well, always has a smile on his face, and his hair is Blue... Yep, bright blue. Its always easy to pick him out of a crowd. Robert will be responsible for Lansing and the surrounding area.

Stephanie Fuller Lafayette - A year or two ago, Stephanie took over organizing her local game store's PFS as it started to struggle. With many in the community supporting her, she has helped her PFS community to flourish and grow to where they're running at least 8 tables of games a month. She'll also be assisting Venture-Lieutenant Jim Tinklenberg in organizing GrandCon in Grand Rapids this fall. Stephanie will be responsible for Greenville and the surrounding area.

Burton Schoder - As my region expended I realized I was starting to get a little worn out, like too little jam spread over too much bread. Buddy has stepped up numerous times and offered to run a second table if needed, or to run when I couldn't make it to my weekly game for one reason or another. He's given me the support I needed when I needed it. I have never heard a negative thing from him (though tonight's session with the summoner's flying kitty of death brought him close to the edge I think). Buddy started playing Pathfinder a few months ago, but jumped right in and hit the ground running. Burton will be responsible for Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding area.

So, let's give them a big Pathfinder Society welcome!



Eric S. Clingenpeel


Venture-Captain, Michigan - Alma