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A New VC Rises from the Ranks

Hello, everyone. A couple of weeks ago, Mike Brock bestowed upon me the honor of becoming the next Venture Captain of the Detroit Metro Area. I just wanted to thank everyone out there for their support in this position. I promise to keep up the strong tradition of Michigan Venture Captains.

A special thanks goes out to newly appointed Venture Lieutenant Mason Whitlark, for leaving everything in such good order for me. You have made my job much easier, I am sure.

Another special thanks goes out to all the very strong organizers we have been blessed with in this fine state. Without you, the society crumbles.

And to announce future agendas, I would like to try and hold more in-state game days where we can combine our fantastic player bases from the west, middle and east sides of the state, giving us all a chance to experience the fine Gamemastering and player talent from across our great state!

William ‘Xath’ Jones

Venture Captain of Eastern Michigan